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Charlottesville CWRT

13 Canterbury Road
Charlottesville, Virginia
(434) 202-7064

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to highly recommend Non Profit Dynamics and Mr. Joe Leonard to all Civil War
Round Table organizations interested in updating their web site or creating a new web site.

Having been impressed with the sample web site Non Profit Dynamics offered, we took Joe's introductory email as an opportunity to consider upgrading our own WordPress based web site.

Compared to the WordPress software we had been using, Non Profit Dynamics web site software has proven to be much easier to use and significantly more flexible. Joe assisted us in replicating content from our old web site and creating dynamic new graphics to give our new web site a very distinctive and professional appearance.

Our new Non Profit Dynamics web site software is surprisingly easy to use. This includes the capability to create and maintain a master list of members, the ability for members to update their membership status, creating and disseminating graphics rich emails to the membership announcing monthly meetings, a monthly calendar of events, the capability for members to make and pay for dinner reservations or renew their membership, post current events of interest to the membership, as well as ease of updating page content and uploading newsletters and board meeting minutes.

We are confident our new and improved NPD software-based website will be a major factor in
engaging and involving our membership.

Sandy von Thelen

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Non Profit Dynamics
Non Profit Dynamics
Non Profit Dynamics

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