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When you become an NPD client, you become part of a team.  This team has one job:
To assure that your website is ACCURATE and up-to-date.

To that end, each of us have responsibilities in assuring that we reach that goal.

As your website developer, our primary job is to make sure the code is error-free.  We also are responsible for software updates, when they become available. Also, to assure a consistent "brand", we also prefer to manage all the graphics used throughout your website.

Your Webmaster
The person designated by your Board as "Webmaster" is principally responsible for managing all content, providing member assistance and general email communications.  Ideally, the Webmaster should NOT be burdened with all content responsibilities.

Content Managers
It takes a team effort to win a battle, and the same holds true for a winning website. Individuals should be assigned to specific pages. One person might be responsible for updating "News". Another might manage all "Calendar Events". "Memberships" would be monitored by your Membership Chairman. Online orders, of course, are best managed by your Treasurer.


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