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About NPD

Non Profit Dynamics is the brain child of Joseph Leonard, it's founder.

An energetic and highly creative entrepreneur with over 20 years in investment marketing and investor relations, Mr. Leonard began his career as an account executive with EF Hutton in 1985.

Betting on the popularity of Disney’s incoming CEO Michael Eisner, Leonard developed a marketing campaign around Hutton’s limited partnership, “Silver Screen Partners”.  Targeting graduates of Eisner's alma mater, Denison University, he cultivated a significant client base.

On the heels of this successful campaign, Leonard left Hutton to open his own advisory firm as a registered investment principal based in Southern California. Coinciding with the arrival of the "dotcom" boom, he began advising start-up companies on private placements and stock offerings.

At a time (mid 1990's) when there were no "off the shelf" computer applications for investor email marketing, Mr. Leonard wrote his own programs. In time, these programs formed the basis for, a web-based service designed to "facilitate" capital formation, matching Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with lower-middle market companies seeking growth capital.

Since it's inception, has participated in successful transactions totaling more than $125 million.

In 2006, Mr. Leonard adapted his online applications for the non-profit sector. (NPD) targets faith-based, social service and veteran organizations lacking the skills and resources necessary to compete effectively in the online marketplace.

Over the course of the last 10 years and through six iterations of his proprietary software, Mr. Leonard has employed high technology, creative marketing, and shear tenacity to help dozens of charitable organizations advance their mission. In the process, NPD has helped these organizations raise more than $500,000 through cash donations, sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, and in-kind donations.

Non Profit Dynamics
Non Profit Dynamics
Non Profit Dynamics

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