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My proprietary website program is currently in it's 7th generation.  With each update, I have strived to create a higher level of functionality while still maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

After all, all the technology in the world is useless if one doesn't know how to use it!

The overall objective of my program is to help clients advance their mission.  That might be it grow memberships, provide more services, raise more m, or whatever is important to your organization.

Unlike other website services, I provide a level of personal service that helps you achieve your goals.  These services include:

Content Management - Helping you to design your website to be attractive, appealling and relevant to your intended audience.

Applications - Helping you to select which of the available "apps" are appropriate for your organization.

Content Development - Helping you to development content and site navigation that is clear, concise and to-the-point.

Campaign Development - Helping you to develop and manage email intiatives that maximize results.

E-Commerce -  Helping you to select the right ecommerce solution for your organization.

Support - Helping you whenever you need assistance!

When you partner with NPD, you are assured of reaching your objectives.

Non Profit Dynamics
Non Profit Dynamics

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